How to Get Rid of Wasps ?

You ought to first know if you have honeybees, or a kind of wasp or yellow jacket in your yard. If you do find that you have honeybees, and they are not in an area that is alright for you (or them), you can call nearby beekeepers who might even uproot them for nothing or for a little fee. Since our honey bee populations are in a disturbing decrease, doing what we can to keep them safe is a priority.

After research, I found these awesome natural solutions. It’s common sense that if the nests are in difficult to-treat areas, if you are allergic, or if there is whatever other reason that you feel it is risky to self-treat, bringing in expert help is the best approach. Remember to wear tight clothes and cover your whole body and try to do your thing in the early morning or at night when the wasps are sleepy and cover your flashlight with a red tape so they won’t fly towards it.

There are many 100 percent organic sprays, that use all natural ingredients, including peppermint oil. Use it just like the common poison spray, it might smell strong, but it’s really ok.

My colleague disposed of a wasps by utilizing dishwasher cleanser and a hose-end sprayer!

Aerial nests

Place a fabric over the whole nest and rapidly tie it off at the top; as you draw in the tie, pull the nest free. The sack ought to be very much fixed. Set the pack in a bucket of water; drop a stone on the sack to keep it completely submerged.

Hanging fakes

Something that you can do to prevent a wasp issue is hanging a fake wasp home by your house. There are many items you can get for this, some look like a paper lantern, and others seem to be like a genuine nest, they get positive feedback online — regardless of the fact that they don’t work 100 percent of the time. They should work since wasps are regional, and they won’t work alongside another nest. A few even claim to have succeeded by just hanging up a dark plastic bag!


There are many glass wasp traps that are useful in decreasing wasp population in the area. You just have to keep changing the bait. Consider using baits that don’t lure in honeybees as they are very valuable to our environment. The glass traps are quite pretty, however you can make your own out of a plastic container (pop jug or water bottle).